Monday, August 24, 2015

Practically Penrose: Quick House Update

Things are getting so exciting out at the new house!  I mean, it has been exciting from the beginning but now it's looking much more like a home instead of a construction project.

The exterior is done with a couple little touch ups needed, the interior has cabinetry, moldings, doors, paint, hardware, fireplace, fireplace surround, mantle, vanities, and as of last Thursday it was being prepped for the tile in the master bathroom.

I'm sure that countertops and plumbing fixtures are not far behind!  Although, the kitchen countertops will be ripped back out shortly after we move in, to make way for my pretty new granite!

We will be out of town this coming weekend (can't wait for that!! our first official vacation as a family of 3?!) but I'm hoping to visit the granite yard in a couple of weeks so that we can finalize that selection and get it scheduled.

Also next up on the to-do list:
 1.  Pick a hardwood for the floor and finalize that with the contractor.
 2.  Finalize granite selection.
 3.  Start buying stuff!  It's been a lot of window shopping thus far and now we are finally at the point where we can make the purchases of some of the new items we want for the house.  Of course, it will be a process over time but mainly in the living room, we are getting a few new items.  I'm excited because this house, aside from the obvious differences, is going to look a lot different from our hold house.  It makes things fun for this interior designer :)

On the more boring side, we have our interest rate locked in and the paperwork side of things is moving along smoothly!

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