Thursday, August 13, 2015


Find more hours in the day. That is what I've told myself I need.

I like getting into a workout routine but with a very active toddler and working during the day, when do I have time to work out??  I already wake up around 6:30-6:45, and I'm not enough of a morning person to move that earlier to work out in the morning & shower, etc.  I usually shower at night, and I prefer working out in the evenings.  So, I've decided recently to get my lazy bootay moving in the right direction.  Not working out over the past 6 months once I stopped breastfeeding (aka burning hundreds of calories a day) has had some effects that I'm not super happy with and if I'm being honest here I have double-digit pounds that I could lose.

So, I decided that I could do some things to move in the right direction...

1... I went out and bought some new workout clothes [hello motivation] from the Under Armour outlet on tax free wkend...see, totally justified! I actually did make out like a bandit! I got a sports bra, two pair of workout capris, two pair of athletic shorts, and package of 5 no-slip headbands (to hold back those lovely post-partem whispy hairs) all for under $95.

2... I stopped buying foods that I don't want to eat.  If it's not in the house, there is no temptation to eat it.  Therefore, klondike bars have been replaced with extra Greek yogurt to snack on and there are no more oreos in the pantry.  Thankfully, I do like the taste of healthy food and I have a Greek yogurt addiction so this is easy to do.

3... I bought some new fitness material.  I love, love my Insanity dvd's but living in this apartment wouldn't allow me to do all of the running/jumping/etc that Insanity uses since we are on the 2nd floor.  I didn't want to keep pushing off working out 'until we get into the new house' because that's almost two months away.  I heard great things about Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and also Tone It Up.  I decided to go with Kayla's Bikini Body Guides booklet (a $69 digital download of her 12 week plan) and also ordered Tone It Up's dvd Bikini Series 1 for $19.99.

4... I made an instagram fitness account [fit_momma_smw] and am connecting with the #tiu and #bbg community, especially #tiumoms and #bbgmoms.  Such a great source of accountability and healthy recipe ideas!

5... I've used MyFitnessPal app before, and I'm trying to get back into it. It can be a little much to handle, but I do like seeing the calorie counter.

6... I've never really been a meal prepper on the weekends, but I think I'm going to start trying it.  I feel like that will help to cut down on the "well let's just go out to eat tonight" moments because we have those at least once a week due to a hectic day or getting home late because we went to go check out the house.  Meal prepping will make everything mostly-ready and there won't be a reason to pick up pizza!  This will be especially good once we are in the new house and I have a much bigger kitchen than this tiny little apartment one I'm dealing with now.  

So, here we go! Half-way through Week1 and I'm already feeling the burn and loving the changes :)

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