Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Walden #2 is our second Baby GIRL!

We went to 3D Dreams to find out Baby#2's gender this past Saturday.  We had not been to them before and they were fantastic!  They are qualified ultrasound technicians who actually specialize in high-risk pregnancy ultrasounds, and they do 3D Dreams as a little side business.  She was so nice and took time to show us hands, feet, heartbeat, the baby swallowing, kicking, nasal bone formation, blood flow overlay, etc.  I was really impressed because I was not expecting it to be that detailed, but it was very similar to a full anatomy ultrasound at my OB's office.

With Ryleigh, we were the only ones who knew and we surprised everyone else.  This time, I thought it would be fun if we waited and had them put their decision in an envelope.  We gave it to one of my friends so that Jake and I could stay surprised for the reveal.  

Since this was our second go'round we wanted to keep it simple and low key. No big party, just a family gathering with beautiful weather, pizza, snacks and cake.  I'm sad that I did not get a picture of the cake, but it was a bundt cake that I made adapting this recipe into a pink & blue velvet cake with cream cheese whipped frosting and chocolate flakes on top.  
It looked so pretty when it was cut!

We are excited that Ryleigh is going to have a little sister!  
Aubrey Kate will be arriving sometime this October.  

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend + first Baby #2 Purchase!

We had a great weekend full of Strawberry Festival fun, family time, dinners outside, and a little pampering.  

To say that I am incredibly excited about this next item is an understatement.  I guess this is considered my first official purchase for Baby #2, although it's arriving today (my Mother's Day present) and I'm going to start using it immediately :) haha. 

For that last 2+ years I've been using my Built Go-Go Diaper Tote [I purchased the Mini Dot pattern] and have been more than happy with it.  I love the size, pockets, material, design, everything of this bag.  However, after two years of hard use it's finally showing some wear (mostly just that the outer bottle pockets have a few holes in the seams and there are a handful too many crumbs inside that will just not come out no matter how much scrubbing of the corners).  

It was time for a new bag that would be baby & toddler friendly, and I'm loving the idea of a backpack design option.  After doing a lot of research and considering several options, I found the bag that seems to have everything I could want:

I purchased that first pattern, "The Duchess" which is a black & white dot with gold hardware.  Apparently I can't seem to get away from that pattern.  I love that it is neutral and sophisticated but fun and Jake wouldn't mind carrying it.

Here's why I love the design:

--Definitely big enough for baby & toddler items
--Backpack straps, top handle, and messenger bag strap options (very versatile!)
--tons of pockets inside and outside
--The side Bottle Pockets are insulated material
--Structured bottom with metal feet

Here's the other thing I love about this bag--It keeps going on sale! It sells from Ju-Ju-Be online for $180, and I found it $30 for $150 when I bought it last week.  When I pulled it up to link to this post, I saw that it's on sale even deeper today for $130!  

In other news...In 3 days I get to hear baby's heartbeat again and in 5 days we should know if our second child is a son or a daughter!