Thursday, August 6, 2015

Plates of Penrose: Brown Sugar Ham French Toast Roll-Ups

These were so good!  Inspired by the French toast roll-ups that I saw swimming around Facebook, I changed it around a little.

Brown Sugar Ham French Toast Roll-ups
We never buy bread in our house. Unless I know we are doing something where we are packing sandwiches (like a day on the lake) or specifically need bread for a recipe, we don't buy it. We never end up eating it or making it more than a couple slices through the loaf, and old, moldy bread grosses me out.

Therefore, in a pinch I decided to use some delicious Pilsbury crescent rolls for the bread (I even had Honey Butter flavor so I chose that!).  I smooshed together the seams and made 4 rectangles, then baked them as directed for about 8 minutes.

I cubed a ham steak and simmered on the stove with some brown sugar for flavor.

While still warm (and easier to roll) I took the "bread", put some ham on it near the edge, and carefully rolled them up.  Then, I rolled them in a raw egg & cinnamon mixture before putting them in a pan on the stove to toast.

Simple, easy, and ready in about 12-15 minutes.  If you are a lover of breakfast for dinner like we are, this is a great weeknight meal! (or anytime meal. They were good!)

You could also modify by stuffing some breakfast sausage or fruit into the middle, but we had a ham steak left-over from another meal so decided to use it!

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