Monday, August 17, 2015

18 Months of Change

On August 14th, my girl turned 18 months old.  Wow has time flown.  She has been walking for 7 months already.  That seems like a minute and an eternity all at once.  Her language and skill development in these last six months have grown tenfold.  She makes us laugh and makes us proud every day.  I'm sure every parent says that so it seems cliche, but it really is incredible to see something that *we created* change and grow every day.  

Weight:  24.9 lbs
Height: 33"?? Not sure because she hates the doctor's office and was screaming & wiggling the hole time.

Ryleigh still gets a mid-morning/lunchtime milk and a bedtime milk.  She will take the lunchtime one from a sippy cup but she still prefers the nighttime one in a bottle.  

Breakfasts--some variety of the Eggo kind, along with puffs and sometimes peanut butter crackers or a fruit squeeze pouch.

Lunches--grilled chicken, pulled pork, pizza, hotdog, burger patty...She's not big on ham or sausage but will eat most other meat that we have given her.  She refuses to even taste pasta. Still to this day she has never eaten it. I suppose that is a good thing, especially for later in life, but right now it drives me bonkers.   She also always eats a veggie squeeze pouch and/or Greek Yogurt pouch, cut up fruit, and some other snack-type food like peanut butter crackers or Lil'Crunchies.  She may be a skinny mini but she can throw back some food!

Dinner--Depending on what we are eating (if it doesn't involve pasta or anything containing annatto) she will get some of that, or she will get some mixture of the lunch items listed above.  

12?14? She's pretty much got everything possible for her age, although she doesn't let me get my finger in there to count. Everything is either in, or already broken through and coming in.  

Thankfully this is back to normal with the exception of a few days where she's woken up earlier than usual.  She still naps for about 2 hours once a day around noon.

Still obsessed with coloring and stickers!  She will request her "colors" almost every morning before going to daycare.  She loves trying to say new words and some of her favorite things to do are counting and singing the ABC's.  If she is getting fussy, especially in the car, all we have to do is sing ABC's and she will calm down then start to sing along.

She counted on her own from 1-10 at dinner the other night! Usually if we say the number she repeats them and will sometimes beat us to the next number so we knew that she was learning the pattern of it.  But, while we were waiting on food at a restaurant the other night I said "one" and when she repeated it she kept going all the way to 10!! Extremely proud momma moment!  

Her language skills continue to grow and she will regularly speak in small sentences to us. She will ask the dogs "Kona, wanna play?" while tossing handfuls of chalk or hairbows to him, will say "I want my daddy" or "me ride in daddy truck".  She's also singing along to more and more country songs in the car :) haha!

Size 4

Such a mixture.  We have been introducing some 24month clothes for added length but she still fits into 18month clothes. She even has a couple of tank tops that she still wears that are only 12month size.  We have been putting her in some 2T sleepers that fit her pretty well too, a little bit long through the middle but they are wearable.

--Counting to 10 on her own!!
--Drinking from a straw cup.
--Visiting the zoo!
--Visit to GA
--Passport Photos
--1st ear infection :(

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