Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pages of Penrose | Books of June

A very short list this month.  I only post books that I finish in each month, and I'm currently reading and listening to two very long books so they don't quite make the cut for June.  I did, however, very much enjoy this book:


It's about a woman who's mother dies and leads her to search for some answers about her mother's past in the old historic town where her mother grew up.  The plot was very interesting, especially if you like historical facts.  I enjoyed how the story played out with the research and piecing together bits of information that she gathers, since her mother was very private and did not share about her life prior to marriage.  Additionally, there is a bit of a love triangle that plays out between some of the main characters.

This would be a great beach read, or book to read on a long car ride/flight.

Check back with me at the end of July to see what I'm reading this month--they are some great ones!

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