Monday, October 5, 2015

Finally Ours! Now if we could just move in....

Yay! We finally closed on our house and we are so excited! It doesn't quite feel real yet, because re-doing the flooring downstairs is like this ominous cloud hanging over my head of a project that must be done before we move in.  However, today was a fantastic day and I feel like we got a lot accomplished!

I spoke to the flooring contractor and got some great information and advice, and per his suggestion we purchased bamboo hardwoods.  The durability is key for us, and nowadays they offer so many great colors that do not actually look like the typical stranding of bamboo.  I'm also excited that it is working out for the flooring company who worked for our builder to be the same company installing our floors.  They were so wonderful every time we visited during building and we totally feel comfortable having them in our home to install these floors.

Originally we were planning to go with a solid oak hardwood, but Rafael really suggested bamboo instead because it is going to be just as durable, if not more durable, and since we are on a slab bamboo will perform better.  One of the benefits to a solid hardwood is being able to sand and re-stain, but since we are on a slab if we tried to sand solid hardwoods Rafael said it can ruin the floor.  Also, we saved 50 cents per square foot by switching to bamboo, so that was a $600 win! 
PS--Lumber Liquidators is now in Rock Hill! Who knew?! I never drive down Cherry Road anymore, but Jake informed me that they are now where Blockbuster used to be.  Yay for free shipping to store for pick up :)  Hopefully in a few weeks this will be done and behind us, and the house will really be looking like home!

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  1. Yay for the house closing! The floors look great :)