Thursday, July 21, 2016

Aubrey Kate's Nursery Design Plans

Planning the nursery decor is always one of my favorite baby checklist items! I am incredibly excited to see my plans for Aubrey's nursery come together.  Here is a little peek into what we are working on...

It typically starts for me by looking through fabrics and finding one that is my inspiration starting point.  Last time for Ryleigh's nursery, I found a cute, colorful giraffe print that became her whole nursery theme.  This time, Aubrey's design started with Budquette in Nightfall from Bari. J's Emmy Grace collection.  I immediately fell in love with the artsy floral print and the charcoal background.  Our house has a lot of gray and blue tones so this fit in well.  After looking at a lot of paint samples, I chose SW Restful for an accent wall.  The other walls are SW Agreeable Gray like the rest of our house.

I always like to include the baby's name in the nursery and started brainstorming after I read a recent blog post from Katie about the Alphabet Soup letters at Michael's craft store.  I spent a good hour there rooting through the options since some are on clearance/discontinued, and coming up with this (although I have a lot of work to do with them before they are ready to hang)...

I ordered a crib skirt and one fitted sheet in the Budquette fabric from HappyMae on Etsy.  From there, the floral print took my mind in a wildflower/woodland direction.  I stumbled across this Monogram wall art from Anthropologie (unfortunately now discontinued) and looked up the artist, Starla Michelle Halfmann.  Her work is incredible! I am so in love with her style and wanted to order canvases and prints of everything, but eventually I decided on a large print of Kandy Forest.  I found the handpainted clipart images of woodland animals with flower crowns from FHFclipart on Etsy, and I shared a sneak peek on instagram of some cute artwork I've made to go over the changing table and rocking chair....

And of course, we will be re-using the crib and dresser/changing table from Ryleigh's nursery, now that she's in a toddler bed and we have a different set of furniture for her (my childhood bedroom suite).  

The accent wall has been painted and now we have lots of organizing and moving around of furniture to do.  I'm excited to start making progress!

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