Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Walden #2 is our second Baby GIRL!

We went to 3D Dreams to find out Baby#2's gender this past Saturday.  We had not been to them before and they were fantastic!  They are qualified ultrasound technicians who actually specialize in high-risk pregnancy ultrasounds, and they do 3D Dreams as a little side business.  She was so nice and took time to show us hands, feet, heartbeat, the baby swallowing, kicking, nasal bone formation, blood flow overlay, etc.  I was really impressed because I was not expecting it to be that detailed, but it was very similar to a full anatomy ultrasound at my OB's office.

With Ryleigh, we were the only ones who knew and we surprised everyone else.  This time, I thought it would be fun if we waited and had them put their decision in an envelope.  We gave it to one of my friends so that Jake and I could stay surprised for the reveal.  

Since this was our second go'round we wanted to keep it simple and low key. No big party, just a family gathering with beautiful weather, pizza, snacks and cake.  I'm sad that I did not get a picture of the cake, but it was a bundt cake that I made adapting this recipe into a pink & blue velvet cake with cream cheese whipped frosting and chocolate flakes on top.  
It looked so pretty when it was cut!

We are excited that Ryleigh is going to have a little sister!  
Aubrey Kate will be arriving sometime this October.  


  1. So excited for you guys! Love the name, is it a family name in any way? -April

    1. Thanks girl! Sort of...Jake's dad loved the name Aubrey and it was supposed to be Jenna's name but then they changed it at the last minute. It's always been in the back of our minds, and I've loved the name since I was little because my favorite lifeguard at the pool I grew up going to was named Aubrey and she was always really nice to us little kids :) haha as for Kate, we just liked that it's a little bit different and flows really well together.