Friday, September 30, 2016

Parenting Penrose: 2nd Baby Checklist

During a pregnancy, I feel like at times it goes by slowly and at times it rushes by.  All of a sudden you get to a certain week and feel so far along.  That definitely hit me at 35 weeks this past Sunday.  Wow. 5(+/-) weeks to go. One month. Or less? Or more?

So, it's crunch time.  My baby shower came at a perfect time because it's helping my severe nesting mode to get all of these little things checked off the list:

Set up nursery furniture
Make nursery wall letters
Hang nursery wall letters & other frames
Wash pass-down & new clothing
Put clothing away in dresser & closet
Hang black-out curtain in nursery
Clear out misc. junk from nursery
Test breastpump
Wash all bottles & pump parts
Stock up on Household goods & toiletries
Clean out closets/drop off clothes at Goodwill
Wrap Ryleigh's Big Sister gifts
Pick up nursery art from printer's
Buy remaining Registry must-haves
 Buy postpartum lounge clothes
Pack Hospital bag for:  me, baby, Jake
Have carpet cleaned upstairs
Buy baby monitor with 2 cameras
Figure out how to work double stroller
Pre-Register at hospital
Pick new Pediatrician
Install Car seat bases
Tour Hospital
Set up Newborn pictures
Purchase organizer for changing table
Purchase new humidifier
Start on purchasing Christmas gifts

So, as you can see we've got most of the important items crossed off the list!  We need to hang some things in the nursery, get breastpump and bottles ready, finish packing the hospital bag (half-done)...We have to buy a new video monitor with two cameras because our model has been discontinued so there is no way to get a second camera! I'm pretty bummed about this because our monitor has been fantastic, but alas, that is how technology goes I guess...Install our carseat bases, and get a few last things for the nursery.  

Also, thanks to my hormones I've decided our carpets should be cleaned before the baby arrives.

Since I'm going to be in my "we have a newborn"/postpartum fog over the holidays, Santa has been trying to stock up on gifts for our girls ;)


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