Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun news

The morning of February 21st, the dogs woke me up around 3am per the usual to go outside to potty and check on the neighborhood--I wish I was kidding but this happens almost daily. Sometimes all they do is walk the perimeter of the fence, staring out at the lots and new construction, then come back inside.  #protectors  While they did their business I decided to take a test--mostly expecting a negative result because I thought it was too soon to take the test.  I let the dogs back inside, set the alarm, and glanced down at the stick in my hand. Surprise!--two pink lines :)

It was hard to fall back asleep with being so excited, and all I did was lay in bed and think of when and how I should tell Jake.  Last time when I found out I was pregnant with Ryleigh, it was on our 2nd anniversary so I played it off as a gift for him.  But this time? It would be so random.  I decided to wait until that night.  I wanted Ryleigh to be sleeping because she's so vocal that I didn't want her learning the news and telling people too early on....(Spoiler alert: she's since spilled the beans to one set of grandparents and all of the people sitting around us at church!)

We went to a different church that morning because the pastor that Jake grew up with was back visiting and preaching at 1st Presbyterian Church in York.  It's a beautiful church and I love getting to visit it--it is where Jake and I attended church almost every weekend when we first started dating and this pastor was still there.  It was a great sermon, and Ryleigh had so much fun in their huge nursery playing on slides and cars and anything she could find.   [Fun background story--when Jake and I had recently started dating we were at a Winthrop soccer game and we ran into him, casually spoke for a few minutes, and when Jake spoke to him that weekend he told Jake "That's the girl you're going to marry".  He predicted well!!]  So, after the service we stood in line to catch up with him and he asked us "So is Ryleigh the one and only?" to which we laughed and replied, "for now, she is. Eventually we want another."  Fast forward to after church while we were going through a drive-thru to get Ryleigh a quick lunch because she needed a nap, and Jake said "haha too bad you aren't pregnant yet otherwise we could have told him, 'well there's one in there'" and I laughed and raised my eyebrows.  Jake looked at me funny and said "wait, what? Are you?"  I laughed some more and said "well, I definitely wasn't planning on telling you in a McDonald's Drive Thru........but yes!"

Lots of happy laughter and kisses followed, and Ryleigh was probably thoroughly confused.  Apparently since we like to keep themes around here, we should be finding out the baby's gender around our anniversary this summer, and our little holiday baby will be due on Halloween (technically, 10/30)!



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